Getting Mails from Your static webpage

Getting Mails from Your static webpage

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Note: I m not Writing this technical blog to improve my CV or something. It is just i got to know about it 2-3 days ago and I tried it and I also liked it, so I thought to write a Blog on it.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that:

  • I thought it is not possible to directly add a form to send emails to your email.

But, it is been said that google is your best friend so I found something.

What is FromSpree?

  • As is visible in the above Figure, it is a Free API that helps you to directly get your frontend webpage email.

  • It can be used very easily and it is also safe. I also tried it on my Personal Website You can see it here!

Using FormSpree

  • Firstly Create your Account in Formspree .

  • Now you will be able to see this + icon on the navbar.

  • And Select New Form option.

  • Give a suitable name for your form.

  • Now You will be able to see a snippet like this:-

<!-- modify this form HTML and place wherever you want your form -->
    Your email:
    <input type="email" name="email">
    Your message:
    <textarea name="message"></textarea>
  <!-- your other form fields go here -->
  <button type="submit">Send</button>
  • Now create an HTML page and paste this snippet(make sure method of form is POST because POST is most safest).

  • You r now good to go.

  • Try it by Submitting the form and seeing your email you will be having a mail there.

    So This was my thinking and method of use for Formspree. As a beginner, I shared my experience here.

    You can check my website to get to know about me.